Made in Mexico is something usually associated with mass produced goods, and yet Mexican designers are currently on the brink of some very exciting innovations. By utilizing their heritage of craft and handmade goods, these designers are looking at sustainable design with a fresh perspective. Many of them have backgrounds in industrial design, which allows for a sense of perspective when designing for public spaces, as well as creating alternate solutions to current design systems.
— Culture Trip

Design in Mexico.

It is impressive to see how these designers use sustainable and sometimes very humble materials to create such a high quality of work, both in design and craftsmanship. While at the same time presenting a modern aesthetic which intringuinly alludes to their Mexican history and culture, but not overtly so; good design transcends borders.

This fusion of style, as it fuels and sustains the work and trade of the skilled artisans who craft the pieces, is forward thinking and no less a remarkable symbiosis.  Artisans whose skills might otherwise be imperilled if not for the influx of this new and evolving paradigm, that continues their craft.


CDMX Design began in 2017 of having moved to Mexico City and discovering its new and sophisticated level of design.

Mexico City has a wealth of emerging and established designers whose work has rarely been presented to the US market. It is the intention of CDMX Design to introduce the work of these passionate, innovative and energetic designers to the US, with CDMX as their exclusive distributor. We will be exhibiting in major trade shows as well as stocking the entire selection in our US warehouse.

The vision we see from our North American neighbours is new and modern; unique in both design and spirit. The connection to their people and culture is with genuine moral conscience; an idea that is both exciting and timely. Its very satisfying for CDMX to be part of this process which benefits so many people. From the future of these designers, to the sustainment of the traditional artisans, their impact on the world of design and the sharing of such beautiful and interesting objects with our customers. It is no wonder that Mexico City has been named

World Design Capital for 2018® and the very first city from the Americas to receive this title, Mexico City has a powerful story to share on the world stage, as a model for other megacities around the world using design to tackle the challenges of urbanization and ensure a more liveable city.
— World Design organisation, London